The Polyekran of Emotional Work

22 February, 19:30 - 00 January, 23:00
Rezidența BRD Scena9

The event opening up the Warm-up series is the opening of the exhibition “The Polyekran of the Emotional Work” – a spatial video-essay created by Pavel Sterec and Petra Dobruska, with a live soundtrack by Maria Balabas

“The Polyekran of the Emotional Work” presents different kinds of work and socio-economical relationships from the past and the present, trying to stimulate a political reimagination of the various possible sides of work. The format of the installation is related to the poliekran – an audio-visual experiment of the Czech artists Emil Radok and Josef Svoboda, between the 1950s and 1960s.

The installation, or more precisely, the spatial video-essay is formed out of 25 screens on which short clips are shown, allowing visitors to move along the images however they like and visually confronting several spaces at a time. On the screens in the installation there is archive footage of different types of work - from manual, to mechanised to robotised work, which replaces the human component, leading to igher unemployment rates. In a more optimistic vision, the automatisation of work can also offer the acknowledgement over activities that were not considered work before.

The respondents of the „video-investigation” thought about the actual forms under the general concept of work, trying to answer the questions: Are we capable of identifying emotional work, cherish it, recognise its value or is it just an underestimated, under-evaluated certainty.