Rică Couldn't Say River, Rat, Education Reform: Pecha-Kucha Night

20 March, 18:00
Rezidența BRD Scena9

Because education is one of the main themes of the festival this year, but also because in the past years we have made important steps introducing documentary films and discussions on human rights in high schools, we wanted to bring forth projects and initiatives that seem to think the same: if you can`t change the system altogether, at least make it shake.

We've invited 11 people and organizations who won`t be put in their place and managed to have an impact on education in the past couple of years. They’ll speak about what drives them and what stands in their way in the shape of fast-paced presentations using 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. The format is called Pecha-Kucha and it facilitates talking about a topic from multiple points of view.

We want to see how come so many schools are flunking. How and if we can bring it back afloat. Although we do everything that`s in our powers to fill the gaps we felt as students, new cracks are constantly coming up and sometimes, the roof literally collapses. Indifference is not an option, but do we choose to keep on fighting the same windmills or should we better find a way to build alternatives to a dysfunctional system?