Friday | Play

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25 March, 20:30
ARCUB, Grand Hall

Friday is the third show in a trilogy by the drama group Playhood, supported by the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities and coordinated by the actor Ionuț Oprea. The leading characters are two young adults working in a plastic recycling center. They’re part of a social category who lives under difficult conditions, but who tries, nonetheless, to take part in the life of the republic striving after a decent existence. 

Friday is a comedy which makes use of a colourful, vibrant and authentic language and in which the protagonists set out on a coming-of-age journey in their own neighbourhood in an attempt to save their lives. Furthermore, the show is a photo of an impoverished area in the heart of the capital, a story of adult-children, a profound reflection on ignored human models, marginalized or, simply, misunderstood. The story takes us to a space governed by the present day timeframe, in which the following day is part of an uncertain future where everything can change over night.