No Man's Land | Exhibition and Debate

16 March, 12:00 - 25 March, 22:00
ARCUB, Sala Arcelor

The No Man's Land exhibition, organized in partnership with the Fundația Pact and MKBT, documents a large-scale yet little known phenomenon: there over 64.000 families in Romania who either don’t possess the title deeds for the houses they live in or who live under unsanitary housing conditions, off the grid, in areas where the health and the safety of their inhabitants are put at risk.

For most of us having a place to live is a given fact. However, we’re not aware that what makes it possible to have electricity and running water or to buy a fridge or an oven on credit, is that we own an ID, that we have jobs, that it’s because we've had access to education. The right to housing is not guaranteed and it’s often counterbalanced by poverty, lack of information or the authorities’ lack of action. How did we get here? How much of it is up to each of us and how much is supposed to be handled by the authorities? What solutions are there?

The SOS: Informal Living in Romania debate on Monday, March 19th, starting at 16.00, will focus on all of these topics.


Alina Tudor, Sustainability Projects Manager, ENEL România

Nicoleta Chiriță, Advocacy Manager, Habitat for Humanity România

Rodica Păun, Access to Electricity Mediator, Policy Center for Roma and Minorities

Marius Păcuraru, Grupul de Inițiativă Valea Corbului

Bogdan Suditu, MKBT: MakeBetter

Bogdan Buciuc, Head of Social Banking Unit, BCR

Mirela Dima, Regulation Division Director, CEZ Romania

Fundația PACT  is an NGO that works in areas related to community development, civic participation and social economy.

MKBT is an organization focused on urban development and regeneration working hand in hand with local communities and authorities.