Vintage Sahia IV: Documentary Film and Political Commissioning | DVD Launch Event

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22 March, 18:00

The “Alexandru Sahia” Studio has generally been regarded as having been the official mouthpiece of Romania’s communist regime, an institution associated with national documentary production and involved in the social and political pedagogy practised by the communist regime. Between 1950 and 1989, the image of Sahia was inextricably tied up with the idea of political power. The studio left behind an extensive archive, inconsistent in quality and often contradictory. In 2014, One World Romania began to rediscover the archive of the studio through the VINTAGE SAHIA DVD series. With our fourth DVD in this series we aim to bring into discussion the political commissioning that shaped the work of the studio and the impact this had on its output.

To celebrate the release of the new DVD, we are screening three films which combined show that the relationship of the Sahia documentary with its political mandate was neither univocal nor dispassionate:

The Plant (Slavomir Popovici, 1963, 18’)
The Second Letter (Nicolae Cabel, 1974, 11’)
Along the Frumoasa Valley (Felicia Cernăianu, 1981, 18’).

The Vintage Sahia Programme is curated by Adina Brădeanu.