Legal Protection for Same-Sex Couples | Debate

23 March, 14:00
ARCUB, Sala Arcelor

Relu Adrian Coman and his husband, the American citizen Robert Clabourn Hamilton, have sued the Romanian state for having denied the acknowledgement of their marriage, officiated in 2010 in Brussels. The Romanian authorities also refuse to acknowledge their kinship. Consequently, the husbands Coman-Hamilton cannot settle in Romania since the right of residence is granted only to family members. At the present time, Clai Hamilton can't legally live in Romania for a period of time longer than 3 months, although he is a member of the family, married to a Romanian citizen. Had Adrian Coman married a woman, and not a man, this case wouldn't have existed.*

One World Romania and British Council, with the support of ACCEPT, invites you to a debate on the topic of same-sex couples legislation, based on the analysis of the case Coman-Hamilton referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and on the legal details presented in the film Queerama directed by British filmmaker Daisy Asquith, included in the section The Poltitics of Sex (LGBTQ). 

Romanița Iordache, ACCEPT member and anti-discrimination expert representing Romania in the National Experts Network of the EU

Iustina Ionescu, Human Rights lawyer in the Coman-Hamilton case

Daisy Asquith, director of the film Queerama, presented in the section The Politics of Sex (LGBTQ) in the One World Romania 2018' line-up