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Visages villages


Yes, this film is about faces and about places. But it is also about a third thing, not listed in the title: time. Agnès Varda, the iconic female director of the French New Wave turned delightful scared monster of the art documentary, decided at almost 90 to make her last film together with the much younger though no less famous visual artist JR. This odd couple sets out in the entertaining search of a purpose. What they find along the way are fragments of an older face of France: workers, empowered women, whatever is left of Jean-Luc Godard - pieces of a visual puzzle the two put together for the world in surprising visual formulas charged with emotion and substance, but also with a pride and a dignity directly conflicting with the empty nationalist populism that silently haunts just outside the edges of each frame.

awards and festivals

2018: USA Academy Awards – Best Documentary Feature Nominee

2017: National Society of Film Critics Awards – Best Non-Fiction Film

2017: Cannes Film Festival – Golden Eye Award, Palme de Whiskers

2017: Toronto IFF – People’s Choice award for Best Documentary