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Combat au bout de la nuit


The Greek crisis has not ended, though the press has long moved its attention elsewhere, as is its habit. A European country paralyzed by mostly invisible financial and political horrors that erased the relative prosperity and stability of past decades, Greece is often the first place refugees see after fleeing the very visible horrors of war—and these days is the last place most Greeks want to wake up in in the morning. With empathy unmarred by an almost surgical attention to telling details, Sylvain L’Espérance allows Greek voices to speak for themselves in a cinéma vérité that does not spare its audience. The result is surprisingly poetic: this is a passionate, rhythmic epic on a scale rarely encountered in contemporary cinema. 

awards and festivals

2017: Berlin IFF

2017: DocLisboa IFF

2017: New Horizons IFF

2017: Transcinema Festival International de Cine

2016: Montreal International Documentary Festival


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