Since 2013 the only jury of the One World Romania festival consists of five high school students who attend the screening of 10 documentaries and award the only prize of the festival.

The need for a prize awarded by teenagers was first felt six years ago and was born out of a desire to include the voices of the young generation in the debate about human rights. They know what the burning issues are and what they want to put an end to or to change, and it is our duty to give them free reign to make their choices.


At every one of the previous editions, the mission to award the festival's only prize was both a challenge and a coming of age process for the young jurors, who weighed the artistic value as well as the subject matter and the message of the films selected by One World Romania's team.


The award and the motivation of the jury’s choice will be presented at the High School Students Jury Award Ceremony on March 24th at Eforie Cinematheque, starting at 8 p.m. 

The members of the jury are selected each year on the basis of an essay concerning a certain issue or debate with social relevance. This year the topic of the essay is Are you what you learn?.