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Slatko od Ništa

full program

17 March, 21:30, Cinemateca Eforie

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizorului Boris Mitić

18 March, 11:30, Cinema Elvire Popesco

(Followed by a masterclass held by Boris Mitić)

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizorului Boris Mitić


Nothing feels misunderstood. So he runs away from home. Nothing crosses the seven seas and the seven lands, commenting along the way on politics, love and sex, life and death. You see, Nothing, a hero as abstract as he is ubiquitous, is in everything we do. This film is less classically experimental and more plainly playful; it is a parable filmed by 62 cinematographers from around the world, narrated by Iggy Pop, and scored by cabaret grandmasters Pascal Comelade and The Tiger Lillies. The result is less existential than we would first guess. This is a small gem about the potential of artistic collaboration and about that old question that has been nagging us since the days of the Lumière brothers: how do you film nothing? 

awards and festivals

2017: Locarno IFF

2017: IDFA

2017: Sarajevo FF

2017: El Gouna FF

2017: Jihlava IDFF


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