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42 km film

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Fotbal infinit

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22 March, 21:00, Cinema Muzeul Țăranului

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizorului Corneliu Porumboiu și a protagonistului Laurențiu Ginghina


In a provincial city hall, a clerk is dreaming. After a series of unfortunate accidents, he searches of a better, more orderly, less violent world—in soccer, or, rather, in a newly-invented game, a sport simultaneously elaborate, rational, and improbable. Funny, sad and moving, this minimalist documentary keeps us captive in the world of a small-time clerk seeking to transcend his own limits. After The Second Game, Director Corneliu Porumboiu comes back to documentary and soccer—but if the first title was about our relationship to the past, this current one is about the potential of the future, about what we leave behind us for the coming worlds. 

awards and festivals

2018: Berlin IFF 


Voodoo Films