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17 March, 14:00, Cinemateca Union

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizorului Dragoș Hanciu


At night, somewhere in Transylvania, Ionaș guards his cornfield against the starving boars. The animals are lurking nearby, but Ionaș has some strategies to stop them. On the ther hand, his dreams and memories prove to be too difficult to tame in the dead of the night. Time passes slowly. Ionaș, alone in his trailer by the side of the field, remembers his father and dreams of rain. The film itself slowly surrenders to a dreamworld and carries us  along, beyond the boundaries of reality. A cinematic vehicle that skilfully approaches the absence of light and space in order to transport us somewhere else. 

awards and festivals

2017: Visions du Réel

2017: EntreVues Film Festival – Special Jury Mention

2017: Filmul de Piatră – Audience Award, Special Jury Mention

2017: Docuart – Best Cinematography Award

2016: Aristoteles Workshop – Best Film Award