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De sidste mænd i Aleppo

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25 March, 16:00, CinemaPRO

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: Dianei Dragoș


In Aleppo, Khaled and Mahmoud dig through the rubble left behind by bombs dropped from Russian-made planes. They dig to find what is left of humanity in the long and cruel Syrian conflict. “Watch out for torn limbs,” one of them says, matter-of-factly. The two are members of the White Helmets, volunteer teams who rush into bombed areas to save civilians. Neither director of photography Fadi al Halabi nor Syrian director Feras Fayyad seem to have stronger self-preservation instincts. The moments they capture are terrifying, balanced out only by intimate scenes in which the protagonists reflect on the burden they carry, on their minute-by-minute decision to stay in Aleppo, on the nature of normalcy and absurdity of war. 

awards and festivals

2018: Oscar Nominee - Best Documentary Feature

2017: Sundance IFF – World Cinema Documentary Grand Jury Prize


2017: Jihlava IFF – Best Testimony on Politics Award

2017: Millennium Docs Against Gravity – Best Film Award, Millenium Award, Audience Award

2017:  Minneapolis/St. Paul IFF – Documentary Grand Jury Award


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