One World Romania 11. Get Real!

The 11th edition of the International Human Rights and Documentary Festival will take place between March 16th and 25th 2018 in Bucharest. 2018 is a year of many historical celebrations - 100 years passed since the Great Unification of Romania and 170 years passed from the Revolution in 1848.

One World Romania 11 presents in 2018 the world and the reality around us - from a historical perspective - firstly, we look at our past to better understand how it influences our present. At the same time, we wish to analyse the present, learn from the accomplishments or failures of historical events so that, one step at a time, we put the base for a better future.

Through the One World Romania 2018 Festival visual, we tries to transpose the past - ideally represented - into the urban reality of 21st century Romania. The poster recreates the painting from 1849 by C.D. Rosenthal“Romania Breaking Off Her Chains on the Field of Liberty”. More than 150 years ago, the painter imagined a pure, luminous, free Romania. 28 years after the 1989 Revolution, we thought of the Romania which many try to deny or ignore. A country of extremes, of luxurious neighbourhoods placed beside free land covered in litter, of slums at less than 10 km away from downtown, of people with no access to education or health systems. This is reality, even though it can be easily beautified, so as everything seems better. The poster has Alina Șerban in the center - director and actress - concept by Alexandru Solomon, photography by Valeriu Cătălineanu. The graphics are desgined by Crina Ioana Atanasiu & Adriana Jipa.

The films and programmes of One World Romania aim to show reality from everywhere and start debates which will increase the involvement of the civil society in the shaping of our future. The selection team is choosing the most interesting documentaries from around the world, for you to see in March in Bucharest. The programme is coordinated by Andrei Rus, who is joining the team as co-director.