Agnès Varda's Film, Silvana Imam & Activist Art at One World Romania 11

At the 11th edition of the One World Romania International Human Rights & Documentary Festival, we dedicate a whole category to activist artists - the artists who have something to say about the world we live in, who want to change it for the better and who assume the risks that come along with the necessary determination of such pursuits. The category is called "Art in Action".

One of the most famous films in the section is "Faces Places" the second Oscars Awards nominee in this year's selection, alongside "Last Men in Aleppo".

Agnès Varda, the iconic female director of the French New Wave turned delightful scared monster of the art documentary, decided at almost 90 to make this film together with the much younger though no less famous visual artist JR. This odd couple sets out in the entertaining search of a purpose. What they find along the way are fragments of an older face of France: workers, empowered women, whatever is left of Jean-Luc Godard - pieces of a visual puzzle the two put together for the world in surprising visual formulas charged with emotion and substance, but also with a pride and a dignity directly conflicting with the empty nationalist populism that silently haunts just outside the edges of each frame.

Other 5 documentaries are included in this section: "Colette Magny's Political Song", "I've Got A Little Problem", "When God Sleeps, "The Poetess" and "Pavlenski - Man and Might". All of these will be screened on Saturday, March 17th at the National Contemporary Art Museum (MNAC). Before the screenings, at 12:00, we will listen to  Svetlana Cârstean, Elena Vlădăreanu and Cosmina Moroșan, three poetess who became well-known for the way in which they talk about contemporary subjects, in very surprising and direct manners. After each film there will be debates organised, having as guests a series of Romanian artists. After the last screening, we invite the audience at a special Ada Milea concert, on the top floor of MNAC

We find one more activist artist in another category of this year's selection - "The Politics of Sex (LGBTQ)" - and this is the Swedish rap artist Silvana. The documentary with the same name is a story about identity - more precisely, about intersectionality and how, sometimes, we need to take a step back and reflect inwards before plunging headfirst into the drastic identity journeys life throws at us. Born to a Lithuanian mother and a Syrian father, Silvana Imam moved to Sweden when she was four years old. As a young woman she discovered rap, and developed her own raw, distinctive style often addressing patriarchy and the xenophobia she was exposed to,

Wednesday  March 21st martie, from 20:30, we are screening the documentary „Silvana” at Apollo111. The screening is organised in collaboration with the Cineclub Queer. The tickets are available here:

BOOK LAUNCH: „ Metaphor. Protest. Concept. Performance Art from Romania and Moldova

On the same topic of activist art, we invite you on Tuesday, March 20th at 14:00 at ARCUB for the book launch of "Metaphor. Protest. Concept. Performance Art from Romania and Moldova", of authors Raluca Voinea and Iulia Popovici. The book contains interviews with Dan Perjovschi, Szilárd Miklós, Matei Bejenaru, Pavel Brăila, Farid Fairuz, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefán, Nicoleta Esinencu, Alexandra Pirici, Veda Popovici, Candidatura la Președinție, Paul Dunca, Ioana Păun, Simona Dumitriu & Ramona Dima, Florin Flueraș & Alina Popa.

Iulia Popovici: „Precarity and urgency of the message, these are the two “practical reasons” of the appeal to performance which are most often mentioned in this book’s interviews. The crisis of representation, a heated issue in contemporary theatre, and the eternal institutional crisis of local (contemporary) dance play in their turn an important role in the multi-disciplinary specific of performance art in Romania and Moldova, same as the central function which is exercised by the questioning of the body and corpor(e)ality in feminist and queer practices.    ”

For the events on Saturday, March 17th at MNAC no tickets will be sold through Eventbook. Access at the screening will be made up to the legal capacity, only with the Museum entrance ticket, which can be bought at the Museum box office. No festival passes will be available at the events organised in MNAC. Information on the ticket prices for the Museum are available here: