Wednesday Program @ One World Romania 11

On Wednesday, March 21st, the One World Romania team has programed 13 documentary films, 2 screenings for high school students and an awesome party in the evening. The series of meetings with the festival guests continues – at noon at ARCUB we’ll be talking to directors Thierry Michel (Children of Chance), Cosmin Bumbuț and Elena Stancu (The Residents), Tereza Nvotová (The Lust for Power) and Mona Nicoară (The Distance between Me and Me).



The final 3 screenings from the section Work-in-Progress of the festival are scheduled to take place on Wednesday. After each screening, the audience will be able to give feedback to the filmmakers, based on the screened footage.


The first film screened is Alpha Beta Gamma directed by Dragoș Turea and the screening will take place at ARCUB, starting at 4 pm. The film is built on secret confessions and testimonies of the scientists who were directly involved in the implementation of radioactive experiments, when the Republic of Moldova became the most important experimental field of application of atomic energy in Soviet agriculture.


In the same location, at 6 pm, Nora Agapi will present her project Timebox. The film focuses on the father Ioan Matei Agapi, the father of the director, photographer and documentary filmmaker. The conversations between the two and the unraveled secrets reflect the old confrontation between reality and art.


The screening of documentary The Distance between Me and Me by Mona Nicoară will also take place at ARCUB, at 8 pm. The documentary explores the the friction between individual memory and official archives, between our present reality and the fictions of our former selves. Nina’s words during her last year of life are set against a rich archive of films, music, poems, official television appearances, never-before-seen private recordings, and secret police surveillance materials.



Two films from the section Past Present are scheduled on Wednesday – The Lust for Power and Rodnye – Close Relations.

The Lust for Power follows the story of the rise of Vladimír Mečiar, a charismatic individual associated with 1990s’ Slovakia, from being a lawyer in a provincial town to becoming president. Presented as a case of blatant populism, the film puts into perspective the populisms that have emerged worldwide in recent years and shows populism to be a recurring ideological structure. After the screening, the audience will have the chance of talking with the director Tereza Nvotová.

Director Vitaly Mansky is presenting at One World Romania his documentary Rodnye – Close Relations. Originally Poles from Lithuania, Mansky’s family appear to have become Ukrainian out of sheer stubbornness. Mansky himself is a Russian citizen, though by accident of history: he happened to be in Moscow when the Soviet Union fell apart. Now, in the post-Maidan era, he rediscovers his family, scattered between Lviv, Odessa, and Sebastopol in Crimea and more fractured than ever. Filming in his characteristically stylized and absurdly comic manner, Mansky chronicles a triple tragedy: the tragedy of Russian and Soviet imperialism, the tragedy of Ukraine, and the tragedy of a personal, intimate universe torn apart by history. After the screening of the film, director Vitaly Mansky will talk to the audience.



At the end of the evening, we invite you to Apollo 111, starting at 8.30 pm for the screening of the documentary Silvana. The screening will be followed by a party with DJ Bitchcraft and a fundraising for seven transgender persons, supported by Asociatia Accept and TRANSform. 

Silvana is a story about identity - more precisely, about intersectionality and how, sometimes, we need to take a step back and reflect inwards before plunging headfirst into the drastic identity journeys life throws at us. Born to a Lithuanian mother and a Syrian father, Silvana Imam moved to Sweden when she was four years old. As a young woman she discovered rap, and developed her own raw, distinctive style often addressing patriarchy and the xenophobia she was exposed to, particularly in the wake of an election where the conservative party The Swedish Democrats turned up the third. Always having associated her identity with her sexual orientation, Silvana reaches a critical point where she must re-imagine herself as a Muslim standing up to anti-immigration rhetoric.


The full program for Wednesday is available here.