Thursday @ One World Romania 11

The Vintage Sahia DVD Collection and KineDok, two projects of the One World Romania Association that we are very fond of, are being launched on Thursday, March 22nd. A number of 8 films are to be screened today at 6 pm at Cinema Eforie, Muzeul Țăranului, Elvire Popesco and Union. The series of meetings with the festival guests continues – at noon at ARCUB we’ll be talking to directors Asli Özarslan (Dil Leyla), Vitaly Mansky (Rodnye – Close Relations), Monika Grassl (Girls Don’t Fly), Nora Agapi (Timebox), Dragoș Turea (Alpha Beta Gamma), Nora Lam and producer Peter Yam (Lost in the Fumes).



The launch of the forth DVD of the Vintage Sahia collection, Documentary Film and Political Commissioning, will take place on Thursday, at ARCUB, at 6 pm. The aim of the DVD is to bring into discussion the political commissioning that shaped the work of the Sahia studio and the impact this had on its output.

Three of films included on the DVD will be screened at the launch event. After the screening, Adina Brădeanu (the curator of the collection), Alina Pavelescu (historian and writer), Ana Szel (archivist) and Alexandru Solomon (director, co-director of the festival) will talk about production contexts which show that the relation of the Sahia documentary with its political mandate was neither univocal nor dispassionate.



KineDok is an alternative documentary film distribution programme organized by One World Romania Association throughout the year. This year 16 recent documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe will be screened in several cities in Romania. The Czezh documentary Nothing Like Before will be screened during the event launch, at 8 pm at ARCUB, in the presence of film directors Lukáš Kokeš and Klára Tasovská.



Dil Leyla will be screened for the last time in the festival on Thursday, starting at 6.30 pm, at Cinema Elvire Popesco, where you’ll have the chance of meeting the director of the film, Asli Özarslan. Simultaneously optimistic and heart-breaking, this film speaks about patriotism, belonging, and responsibility through the eyes of those who, although far and away, never truly manage to forget their homeland. Twenty-six-year-old Dil Leyla is one of those who decides to go back and do something for her long-lost country: soon after she returns to her native Cizre, in Turkey, after an entire lifetime spent in Germany, she becomes the youngest mayor of the town. Her goal is to put the Kurdish minority in Turkey on the government agenda by taking part in the parliamentary elections for the pro-Kurdish party HTP.



On Thursday you have the chance of seeing two documentaries from the Delicatessen section – Infinite Football and Distant Constellation.

Infinite Football Corneliu Porumboiu’s most recent film, tells the story of Laurențiu Ginghină, a clerk working at the Vaslui City Hall. Funny, sad and moving, this minimalist documentary keeps us captive in the world of a small-time clerk seeking to transcend his own limits. The director and the protagonist will be present at the Q&A session after the screening of the film on Thursday, at 9 pm, at Cinema Muzeul Țăranului.

Distant Constellation will be screened on Thursday evening, starting at 9 pm, at Cinema Elvire Popesco. Shevaun Mizrahi’s debut film is a profoundly disquieting one. As the camera quietly observes the passing of time in these bodies gliding towards their demise, it reminds us, with a discrete Tarkovskian touch, of the beauty and poetry of life, whether seen in the future or in the past. Two men in an elevator: “Do you think life is a dream?  No, I think it’s an illusion.”


The full program of the films and events scheduled on Thursday is available here: