Friday Program @ One World Romania 11

Despite the weather warnings, on Friday we’re screening 11 documentaries and meeting the directors behind them during the classic Q&A sessions, organized after each film. The last screening for high school students also takes place today – the film In Praise of Nothing, scheduled at 10 am at Eforie Cinematheque. At noon at ARCUB we’re meeting 3 directors whose films were screened on Thursday evening – Shevaun Mizrahi (Distant Constellation), Daisy Asquith (Queerama) and Jessica Gorter (Red Soul).



On Friday, starting at 2 pm, at ARCUB you’ve invited to a debate on the topic of same-sex couples legislation, based on the analysis of the case Coman-Hamilton referred to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and on the legal details presented in the film Queerama, included in the section The Poltitics of Sex (LGBTQ).  

The speakers are Daisy Asquith (director of the film Queerama), Romanița Iordache (ACCEPT member and anti-discrimination expert representing Romania in the National Experts Network of the EU), and Iustina Ionescu (Human Rights lawyer in the Coman-Hamilton case).


1968: AFTER 50 YEARS

The 3 films included in the section 1968: After 50 Years are all scheduled on Friday from 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm at Cinema Elvire Popesco. Assault to Heaven, Francesco Munzi’s compilation film, starts at 4.30 pm. The film tries to reconstitute the so-called “years of lead” in Italy - the decade following the 1968 protests, when an optimistic and utopian spirit swept over the unfinished wartime conflict between the fascistic right and the Italian left, itself split between anarchism and idealism. 

From 6.30 pm you can watch Czech Student Uprisings, which presents the Prague spring from the inside, through details offered by those who participated in and, in effect, created it. Familiar types, former bohemian East European youths of the 60s now turned adults, mostly intellectual, tell the story of those times with the cool distance and acceptance of those who lived through major historical events.

The final film of the evening, In the Intense Now, is scheduled at 9.30 pm. It’s based on an amateur film shot by the director João Moreira Salles’ mother during a visit to China in 1968 - the year in which in France student movements reclaim Maoism as the religion of equality, in Prague an unexpected spring defrosts the Stalinist monolith, and in Brazil a military dictatorship congeals into a solid iron fist.



The preview of the film Licu, a Romanian Story, recently awarded at DOK Leipzig, will take place on Friday evening, at 8.30 pm at Eforie Cinematheque. Directed by Ana Dumitrescu, the documentary focuses on Licu, who witnessed over nine decades of Romanian history - as troubled, confusing, and invariably indifferent to the fate of ordinary people as it has been. The director Ana Dumitrescu, the sound designer Jonathan Boissay and the protagonist Liviu “Licu” Canțer will be present at the screening.





Two films included in the section The Slippery Slope will be screened on Friday. Girls Don’t Fly will be screened at 7.30 pm at ARCUB, in the Grand Hall. Only apparently following the skeleton of a feel-good story about a Western NGO trying to do good for the native population of a less developed nation, the film slowly but clearly brings to the surface undercurrents familiar from the insufficiently distant history of European colonialism: paternalism, reflexive racism, and insidious misogyny. The director of the film, Monika Grassl, will be present for the Q&A session after the screening.


Return of a President - After the Coup in Madagascar will be screened at Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, at 9.00 pm. The film tells the story of Marc Ravalomanana, the former president of Madagascar, exiled in South Africa after he was deposed from power by a coup led by the current leader of the country. The former president is determined to get back in power by peaceful means, even under the threat of arrest and bodily harm, and repeatedly attempts to return to his country. 



The full program of the films and events scheduled on Friday is available here: