The Other Side of Everything – The One World Romania 11 Award

Saturday evening at Eforie Cinematheque the High School Student Jury of the International Human Rights & Documentary Festival One World Romania awarded the film The Other Side of Everything directed by Mila Turajlić.


After viewing the 10 films in the competition, this is how the five high school students, Dalesia, Ada, Petra, Mihai and Ioana, motivated their decision: “The subject-matter of the documentary made us think of the recent history of our own country and we considered it to be relevant in terms of what is taught in school. It was like a history lesson that will probably not be taught to us anytime in the nearby future. Furthermore, we found the protagonist inspiring, and the way he fought for what he believed in motivated us in trusting our own opinions and in standing up for them. The film depicts several co-existing layers: the torn society, the turbulent history and the house with a story of its own”.


Director Mila Turajlić, present in Bucharest during the first weekend of the festival, sent a thank you video to the jurors and audience which you can watch here. The last screening of the film will take place on Sunday, at 6.30 pm, at CinemaPRO.


Here is what else we’ve got in store for you for the final day of the One World Romania 11 Festival:


1968: East-West | A Rendez-vous with Bernard Guetta

On Sunday, March 25th, at noon, in the Atrium of the French Institute, we’ll be talking to the renowned French journalist Bernard Guetta. His geopolitical analyses are followed every morning by almost 2 million French and he was one of the leading figures during the May ‘68 protests in Paris before having investigated for Le Monde the birth of the Solidarity movement in Poland or the fall of the USSR. Guetta will share his personal experiences from 1968 and talk about how all of these events have influenced the world we live in today. The discussion will be moderated by Alexandru Solomon.



A Living Library will be open from 2 to 6 pm at Rezidența BRD Scena9! The Living Library works like a regular library where readers come and burrow books over a limited period of time. However, in this case, the books are human beings who will have a personal dialogue with the reader. The “books” from the living library, organized by ACCEPT at One World Romania 2018, are members of the LGBTQ community (lesbians, gay men, transgender and queer people) who face prejudice or stereotypes and who have stories to share with the reader in the shape of a unique learning experience. 



Five of six documentaries included in the section Cultures of Protest will be screened on Sunday at Cinema Muzeul Țăranului: The Assembly  at 11.30 am, Megaphone at 2 pm, Lost in the Fumes at 4 pm, Before My Feet Touch the Ground at 6.30 pm and Whose Streets? at 9 pm. After the screening of Megaphone the audience will have the chance of talking to the directors of the documentary: Ruxandra GubernatMarcel Schreieter and Henry Rammelt.

Director Nora Lam and producer Peter Yam will be present at the screening of their film Lost in the Fumes  for a Q&A session.

After the screening of Before My Feet Touch the Ground there will also be a short Q&A session with the director, Daphni Leef.



The premiere of the show Friday will take place at 8.30 pm at ARCUB, in the Grand Hall. The show is written and played by the drama group Playhood, supported by the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities and coordinated by the actor Ionuț Oprea. Friday is a comedy which makes use of a colourful, vibrant and authentic language and in which the protagonists set out on a coming-of-age journey in their own neighbourhood in an attempt to save their lives. Furthermore, the show is a photo of an impoverished area in the heart of the capital, a story of adult-children, a profound reflection on ignored human models, marginalized or, simply, misunderstood. The story takes us to a space governed by the present day timeframe, in which the following day is part of an uncertain future where everything can change over night.