One World Romania 11 Week @ CINEPUB

The 11th edition of the International Human Rights & Documentary Festival ended on Sunday, 25th March. We’ve spent together 10 amazing days, despite the unfriendly weather conditions. 10 full days in which we screened 90 films, debated on current topics with more than 100 guests and in which we very happy to receive so many involved festival goers.


Next week (March 26th – April 1st) seven documentaries from the line-up of the 11th edition of One World Romania will be available on the CINEPUB platform. CINEPUB is a free online distribution platform founded in 2015. This year we were glad to have CINEPUB as our partner. Here you will find videos of some of the side events that took place during the festival:  Cross Talk Radu Jude & Alexandru Solomon,  Andrei Rus in Dialogue with Ivana Mladenovic and Film Archives of the Former Communist Bloc.


The 7 films available on CINEPUB until April 1st are: Be Free or Be Dead, Child Mother, Every Wall is a Door, Colette Magny’s Political Songs, Small Talk, Czech Student Uprisings and May Peace Be Upon You. All the films are available to watch for free exclusively in Romania.


Be Free or Be Dead was presented in the section Learning and Unlearning of the festival. This is the perfect film for parents who are looking to alternative education as a way of offering their children the space for reflection and decision-making which, they believe, cannot be found in a state school. Among the most pressing of questions are: How does a child brought up in an alternative system integrate into mainstream higher education? Are alternative schools nothing but factories churning out misfits? The documentary is available here:


Child Mother, included in the section Past Present is a film about individual wounds perpetuated within families from one generation to another. Built around the conversations between four adults and their mothers, this tonally hushed film unveils the complexity of the relationships within families formed through the marriage of an underage girl with an older man. The documentary is available here:


Also part of the Past Present section, Every Wall is A Door tells Elitza Gueorgueiva’s story about Bulgaria’s recent history begins, on the border between two worlds: communist Bulgaria and the uncertainty that followed the fall of the old regime. Gueorgueiva’s mother, a television journalist, hosted a program which became popular during the 1980s and the 1990s. Now her daughter edits excerpts from that program together with her own commentary about historical change and about television as a medium that has preserved the breath of that change. The documentary is available here:


Colette Magny’s Political Songs, included in the section Art in Action, Colette Magny focuses on the imposing and uncompromising personality filled with energy and projecting a resounding voice filled with Gaelic confidence of Colette Magny, who had an unusually long career from the 1960s through to the 1990s, going through free jazz to anti-poetry and blues in a creative effervescence that would have been squashed by more traditional areas of show business. The documentary is available here:


Small Talk was presented in the section The Politics of Sex (LGBTQ). Director Hui-Chen Huang lives with her mother, but rarely speaks to her. A Taoist priestess dealing with transitioning the dead and an inveterate gambler, Anu does not want to talk about what made her leave her husband, about her various girlfriends over time, and about her place in Taiwanese society—a terrain that continues to be profoundly homophobic even as it is the first country in Asia to legalize same sex marriages. The documentary is available here:


Czech Student Uprisings, included in the section 1968: 50 Year After and commissioned ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Prague spring, presents the events from the inside, through details offered by those who participated in and, in effect, created it. Familiar types, former bohemian East European youths of the 60s now turned adults, mostly intellectual, tell the story of those times with the cool distance and acceptance of those who lived through major historical events. The documentary is available here:


May Peace Be with You, included in the section Seeking: Country, is directed by Wissam al-Zoabi, who lives and studies in Romania. Two years ago he went back to Syria to film in an area controlled by the anti-government militants of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which oppose both Bashar al-Assad’s regime as well as the fundamentalist rebels. Delicately, without emphasizing his unconditional solidarity with the locals, Wissam paints a tableau vivant on the backdrop of war, waiting for an unlikely peace. 

The documentary is available here:


Until the next edition of the festival, the One World Romania Association will continue its traditional programmes throughout the year: One World Romania at School, KineDok, Civil Society Pitch and the project of rediscovering the Alexandru Sahia Studio. You can follow us on our website,, or on our official Facebook page: