Protest Cultures Then and Now at One World Romania 11

The 50th anniversary of the famous year 1968 is celebrated in 2018. 1968 marked the West as much as it did the East, through important protest movements, generating major changes at a social level, but also regarding the collective consciousness around the world. Today, we live in a similar period to that around the year 1968: we can feel the wind of change, but it isn’t yet clear which way it will take us. More than anything else, these movements succeeded in building a culture of their own: protesters from around the world are inspired by those models or learn from their failures. Where does Romania stand in the midst of all this and what can we learn from each other – this will be discussed in March at One World Romania.

Two of the sections of the One World Romania Film Festival 2018 – „1968: 50 YEARS AFTER” and „PROTEST CULTURES” – are dedicated to these subjects.

1968: 50 YEARS AFTER

Among the films of this section we have: Ceske studentske revolty – Czech Student Revolutions”Assalto al cielo” and No intenso agora” – documentaries which will take us back in time to the events in 1968 in Czechoslovakia, France, Italy, Brazil and China. We will see the Communist Block shook by the protest in Czechoslovakia, while the West was facing reactions of the Young generation which the political leaders had difficulties understanding. Although different in details, all these movements built up a real myth around year 1968, seen as a moment which could have marked a real worldwide revolution.

This section is also the starting point for 2 of the festival’s side events – “Moving Students”, taking place on Saturday, March 24th, from 12 p.m. at ARCUB, where we will talk to Karel Kovanda, Monika MacDonagh-Pajerová (protagonists of the film Ceske studentske revolty and leaders of the students in Czechoslovakia in two key-moments – 1968 and 1989)historian Lavinia Betea and Marius Deaconu, president of the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania. The second event, „1968. Between East and West” will take place on Sunday, March 25th, starting with 12 p.m. in the Atrium of the French Institute. The audience will meet renowned French journalist Bernard Guetta, who will talk about his personal experiences in 1968’s Paris and how these all influenced the world in which we live in.




„PROTEST CULTURES” section includes 5 documentaries presenting different types of protests through stories collected from all over the world: Cambodga („A Cambodian Spring”), Israel („Before My Feet Touch the Ground”), France („L’assemblee”), USA („Whose Streets?”) and Romania („Megaphone”). We will observe how everywhere on Earth spontaneous protests, sometimes initiated by very few individuals, created really huge movements, reuniting hundreds of thousand or even millions of citizens, provoking resigntions of Presidents or Governments. In a lot of cases, these protests generated the birth of parties ending up very strong on the political scene of the countries in question. In other cases, they faded away, leaving behind questions for the future and promising a forceful comeback when the context should require it. All these films will be screened on Sunday, March 25th at the National Peasants’ Museum Cinema.



Since students’ movements were traditionally the initiators for many of these forms of protest in the most tensed moments of history, and they still have this role in many corners of the world, during One World Romania 11’s last weekend (March 23rd – 25th) we want to meet students from all over the country in Bucharest. A special pass for 35 LEI is available, called “Student Weekend at OWR”, allowing access to all the festival’s events in all three days. Our partners for this programme, the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR), offer 50 accommodation places for students coming from outside Bucharest, who bought the special pass. In order to book one of the 50 places you need to fill in the form available here, after purchasing and obtaing the confirmation number on Eventbook website.