Warm-up #OWR11: On Work, Emotions and Limits

The 11th edition of the One World Romania International Human Rights and Documentary Film Festival starts Friday, March 16th. Until then, over the course of 3 weeks, between February 22nd and March 9th, we invite the audience in Bucharest to the OWR11 Warm-up – a series of screenings and special events taking place at Rezidența Scena9, ARCUB and Elvire Popesco Cinema. Through documentary films, archive images, debates and a multimedia installation we will get used to the festival spirit and we will discuss a few of the 11th edition’s topics: the past relevant to the present, the LGBTQ community rights, education or the fight against oppressive political systems.

The event opening up the Warm-up series is the opening of the exhibition “The Polyekran of the Emotional Work” – a spatial video-essay created by Pavel Sterec and Petra Dobruska, with a live soundtrack by Maria Balabas. The opening event takes place on Thursday, February 22nd, at 7:30 p.m. at Rezidenta Scena9, but the space will be open for visits every day until the end of the festival, on March 25th“The Polyekran of the Emotional Work” presents different kinds of work and socio-economical relationships from the past and the present, trying to stimulate a political reimagination of the various possible sides of work. The format of the installation is related to the poliekran – an audio-visual experiment of the Czech artists Emil Radok and Josef Svoboda, between the 1950s and 1960s.

Keeping the same general subject – work – we will also organize two screenings in Rezidenta Scena9 on Friday, 23rd and Saturday, 24th of March. On Friday we will discuss about work in extreme conditions, after viewing the documentary„The Limits of Work” (directed by: Apolena Rychlíková). The main character of the film herself, Saša Uhlová, will be joining us for the screening. She is a journalist who for six months has worked at some of the worst-paid jobs in the Czech Republic. The film was inspired by the articles she wrote on the same subject.

On Saturday we will screen 6 short documentaries produced by the Alexandru Sahia Studio – dubbed the “reality factory” of Socialist Romania. The selections represents an invitation for the audience to reflect on the subject of real work and its results – in the industry fields, agriculture and, last but not least, on documentary filmmaking – but also around the abstract, idealized work. The selection made by Adina Bradeanu states the dilemma of the confrontation of the filmmaker, as a professional of the concrete and a “cinema worker” (as he was described in that time’s documents) with the character-work and the cult of work in the real Socialism.

Between February 22nd and 24th the entrance to all the events is free, according to the space’s legal capacity.