One World Romania invites high school students and teachers to the Eforie Cinematheque to the newest documentaries carefully selected in order to satisfy the young generation’s curiosity regarding the world we live in.

The films selected for the screenings are:


Ask the Sexpert  (March 19th, 14:00)

Be Free or Be Dead (March 20th, 14:00)

The Judge (March 21st, 10:00)

Megaphone (March 21th, 14:00)

Stranger in Paradise (March 22nd, 14:00)

In Praise of Nothing (March 23rd, 10:00)

After each screening a director or an expert in the area tackled by the film will discuss each film with the students, by contextualizing the situations, clarifying the information and introducing new approaches. These events offer young people the chance to enter in a debate and express their own opinions, so as to engage their civic spirit and deepen their understanding of otherness and of the other, the need for being informed and the importance of fighting for and in the spirit of Human Rights.

One World Romania at School is the educational program of One World Romania Association and developed in partnership with the Ministry for National Education and with the support of CEZ Group in Romania.