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Silvana - väck mig när ni vaknat


Silvana is a story about identity - more precisely, about intersectionality and how, sometimes, we need to take a step back and reflect inwards before plunging headfirst into the drastic identity journeys life throws at us. Born to a Lithuanian mother and a Syrian father, Silvana Imam moved to Sweden when she was four years old. As a young woman she discovered rap, and developed her own raw, distinctive style often addressing patriarchy and the xenophobia she was exposed to, particularly in the wake of an election where the conservative party The Swedish Democrats turned up the third. Always having associated her identity with her sexual orientation, Silvana reaches a critical point where she must re-imagine herself as a Muslim standing up to anti-immigration rhetoric. 

awards and festivals

2018: One World Prague

2017: IDFA

2017: Swedish Film Institute - Guldbagge Award

2017: DocPoint Helsinki

2017: Tallinn IFF