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20 March, 20:30, Cinemateca Eforie

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizoarei Tereza Nvotová

21 March, 18:00, Cinemateca Union

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizoarei Tereza Nvotová


This alert and engaging documentary follows the story of the rise of Vladimír Mečiar, a charismatic individual associated with 1990s’ Slovakia, from being a lawyer in a provincial town to becoming president. Presented as a case of blatant populism, the film puts into perspective the populisms that have emerged worldwide in recent years and shows populism to be a recurring ideological structure. As it follows crucial moments in the history of the region, such as the separation of the Czech Republic from Slovakia, and touches on sensitive issues such as the political instrumentation of the archives of the former political police, this film will make for a fresh and enlightening viewing, yet painfully familiar to those coming with the lived experience of 1990s Romania. 

awards and festivals

2018: Trilobit Czech Film and Television Awards – FITES’s Award for Best Film

2018: Czech Lions Awards - Best Documentary Nominee

2017: Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival