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17 March, 13:00, Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană, etaj 4

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: Svetlanei Cârstean, Elenei Vlădăreanu și a Cosminei Moroșan


A woman dressed in black from head to toe enters a stage behind several men clad in white. The men’s faces are visible; the woman has hers hidden by a burqa. The television show they are appearing on, called Million’s Poet, airs across the Arab world to regular audiences of over 70 million people. The woman is forty-years-old and mother of four, poet Hissa Hillal. She uses the name “Remia” to avoid putting her family in danger, and she had to secure her husband’s consent before appearing on the show. But what is a woman poet doing on this stage, in a world that is so hostile to women? Unfazed, she blasts metaphors into the taboos that her world holds dear. Her moral force and tenacity are at the heart of this spectacular documentary that asserts a woman’s right to challenge the prejudices of the world she lives in.

awards and festivals

2017: Locarno IFF

2017: IDFA

2017: DOK Leipzig