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21 March, 18:00, ARCUB

Proiecție desfășurată în prezența: regizoarei Nora Agapi


Ioan Matei Agapi is an 80-year-old charismatic photographer and documentary filmmaker from Iași, Romania. His youngest daughter, a filmmaker herself, decides to make a film about him and his rich archive, which includes 16 mm stock footage shot during the Communist regime in Romania, photos and old cameras. In the unconventional atmosphere of Ioan’s apartment, they reminisce about the past, until the day the authorities inform Ioan that he has to move out of the rented house he’s been living in for 40 years – otherwise, he faces eviction. The initially homage film opens up into different directions where Ioan's artistic work from the past turns out to be a burden in the present.

Conflicts with the authorities bring to light family conflicts, well-packed and hidden, like his archive. Starting as a love letter to her father, the film transforms into an unexpected drama, which reflects the old confrontation between reality and art.

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