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Sun Village is a community developed by a former prison guard everyone calls Grandma Zhang. Operating without any financial support from the Chinese state, she gathers children left alone after their parents have been sent to prison or sentenced to death and offers them shelter and access to education. Filmed over two years of observation in the community, Waiting for the Sun delicately unwraps a world of grief and candor, where each child has, at some point, been forced to grow up all too fast, and where each tender soul is struggling to forget something: crimes they witnessed, years of domestic violence, or homes where they feel they cannot return. Beyond their individual stories and traumas, the film acquires a somehow paradoxical serenity: in the end, they all learn to face their future and every single one of them is waiting for the sun.

awards and festivals

2017: CPH:DOX
2017: Docs against Gravity

2017: Hot Springs Documentary FF – Best International Documentary 


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