Civil Society Pitch 2017 – One World Romania 10th Edition | Information and Registration Form for Filmmakers and Visual Artists

Why should you apply?

Documentary filmmakers are the ones who, ordinarily, have to pitch their films and attract the attention of sponsors, partners or co producers. We are offering something different instead: activists and members of NGOs will do pitches for you, bringing you unpublicized topics related to human rights issues in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, illustrated by the human stories that underlie them. You can leave the CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH workshop inspired or you can find a partner to work with on a new documentary film. APPLY NOW


How does it work?

The festival’s team, together with the workshop tutors: Mikael Opstrup, Head of Studies- European Documentary Network (EDN); Hanka Kastelicova, Executive Producer of Documentaries- HBO Europe and Ana Alexieva, Balkan Documentary Center Project Manager, will select participants from Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary based on the registration forms submitted until 24th of February 2017.


The event will take place between 18th and 19th of March 2017 in Bucharest, as part of the 10th edition of One World Romania International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. During the two days workshop, human rights activists will have a chance to present to local and foreign film directors, producers, artists and experts, ideas that can be transformed into documentary films from their field of work. The pitches will be based on familiar topics to which civil society members have direct access and which they have documented over time. In the second part of the workshop, the presentations will be followed by discussions between civil society representatives and filmmakers, in the form of speed dating sessions and, at the end, the filmmakers themselves will have the opportunity to present their artistic perspective of the documentary ideas proposed by the activists. Throughout the workshop, there will also be special sessions held by the tutors, as well as a case study of the film The Invisibles with the winning team of the Civil Society Pitch 2016 pilot edition.

The documentary films or artistic research projects will not be mandated by the activists and the artistic freedom of filmmakers will not be restricted in any way by the participation in this event. One World Romania’s goal and it’s partners is to facilitate the birth and development of ideas for quality cinematic documentaries, dealing with human rights issues relevant to Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary, as well as within a wider context.


Who can apply?

We are looking for directors, producers or visual artists interested in documentary films that have completed by now at least one audiovisual project (short or feature film). Work experience in the field of human rights is not necessary.


How do you apply?

To register for CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH 2017, please fill out this ONLINE FORM and send us a fragment of a finished project or a trailer. This can be either in the form of a link in the online form or an mp4 file sent to The form must be filled out in English. The entire workshop will be conducted in English. The registration deadline is Friday, 24th of February 2017.


For participants outside of Bucharest, One World Romania will offer up to 3 nights of accommodation and subsistence. Participants will have to cover the transport costs.


We may contact you during the selection process in order to request more information about the topic(s) you have submitted.


Contact: Laura Orlescu/ +40 722 488 128/


The Civil Society Pitch 2017 programme partners are the Balkan Documentary Center and The VERZIO International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Budapest.

Civil Society Pitch 2017 is carried out with the support of HBO Romania and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Romania.

The support offered by the Royal Danish Embassy reinforces the country’s candidature for a seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2019-2021 and promotes the priorities set by the candidature: dignity, dialogue and development in the fight for human rights.