One World Romania – Ediția a 14-a
21 - 30 mai 2021

Established in 2009, the One World Romania Association organizes the only film festival in Romania dedicated to the subject of human rights.

The first One World Romania edition took place in 2008. The first documentary film festival in Bucharest and the only one in Romania dedicated to human rights started by collaborating with the One World Festival in Prague, brought to Bucharest as an initiative of the Czech Center. With time, the concept, selection and organization became autonomous so in 2009, the festival team created the One World Romania Association.

Besides the event in Bucharest held every March, growing from one edition to the other, the association organizes several different events - echoes of the festival throught the year. One of these was the DVD Collection, consisting of documentaries from each of the festival's editions until now, which came from our desire to bring unaccessible films to the audience and to also promote Romanian documentaries.

We are eager to take part in the integration of documentary films in the educational process in Romania and we have all sorts of ideas which we would like to see develop and bring people together. In 2015 the association started the educational programme One World Romania at School, which intends to bring documentaries and the debate on human rights closer to high school students and teachers in Romania. We encourage and support the Film Clubs organized by the students as an extra-curricular activity and their involvement in the association, as volunteers or as members of the One World Romania Festival High School Jury.

Another project started in 2015 is the alternative distribution programme for creative documentaries, called KineDok powered by One World Romania. An experience crossing the traditional borders of the cinemas, KineDok comes to the clubs, cafes or attics in several small towns in the country and invites the audience not only to see the film, but to take part in the informal debates with experts, directors or protagonists of the films, in an informal medium.

Through the Sahia Vintage project, started in 2013, One World Romania contributes to the protection and recovery of the cultural hertage, by critically revisiting the production of the Alexandru Sahia Studio, "the reality factory" of Communist Romania, as it was called back then.

Civil Society Pitch is a programme which supports the development of documentary film projects, by bringing together filmmakers and members of human rights NGOs.

Film Screenings

In 2018 during the festival we presented 95 documentaries from 39 countries. 77 on these were screened for the first time nationally, while 2 were European premieres and 2 were World premieres!

Q&A Sessions With the Festival Guests

Over 170 guests from Romanian and abroad met with the #OWR11 audience during the 10 festival days.

Special Events

During the festival and all year-round, we organize debates and documentary film workshops, focused on the human rights subject.

One World Romania Team

Alecu Solomon President of the One World Romania Association, co-director of the festival
Andrei Rus Co-director of the festival
Petra Dobruská Director, One World Romania at School Programme
Diana Păroiu Vice President of the One World Romania Association
Laura Orlescu Festival Manager, Financing and Production Manager
Andreea Bratosin Kinedok Programme Coordinator
Tudorița Șoldănescu Civil Society Pitch Programme Coordinator
Aleca Ivan Communication & PR
Adina Brădeanu Co-programmmer of the festival, Curator of the Sahia Vintage programme
Mona Nicoară Co-programmer of the festival
Ioana Brăilescu OWR at School Film Clubs Coordinator
Oana Ghera Teachers Coordinator, One World Romania at School
Paula Hotea Sponsorships & private funding
Monica Stan Guests Coordinator
Raluca Hașu Office Manager