One World Romania – Ediția a 14-a
21 - 30 mai 2021

High School Students Jury OWR 2018

Since 2013 the only jury of the One World Romania festival consists of five high school students who attend the screening of 10 documentaries and award the only prize of the festival. The need for a prize awarded by teenagers was first felt six years ago and was born out of a desire to include the voices of the young generation in the debate about human rights. They know what the burning issues are and what they want to put an end to or to change, and it is our duty to give them free reign to make their choices.

Each year, the members of the jury are selected on the basis of an essay concerning a certain issue or debate with social relevance. In 2018 the topic of the essay was "Are You What You Study"?.

This year’s 5 jurors were: Dalesia Cozorici, Petra Torsan, Ioana Ghiorghișor, Ada Stan and Mihai Bostan. We’ve selected some fragments from the essays submitted by them:

Dalesia: “We roll around for hundreds of days in a simulacrum of despair, transforming the individual conscience into a collective one.”

Petra: “I found support in writing, in foreign language classes, in translating, in sport, in anything else except what I’m supposed to be doing as a student. And I like it. But I’m not the only one, which means that we, the students, are not some disproportionate mannequins, but that the education system is a ridiculously rigid suit.”

Ioana: “Of course I want a change. School is depressing, obsolete and it seems to have had enough with students. Right now I feel that everyone working in education is either disinterested or overwhelmed by the situation.”

Mihai: “I decided that if «they» won’t take me seriously, then I will, and from that moment on my learning experience radically changed.”

Ada: „In school you don’t make mistakes. You don’t make mistakes because it’s embarrassing, ugly (after all, you’re not stupid, do you want people to think of you as such? if not, then don’t make mistakes!). In school you sit at your desk, you learn what others tell you to, you don’t ask questions – just who do you think you are to ask them questions? In school you don’t make mistakes because there isn’t enough time for that, you can’t keep an entire class waiting for you (the class dummy). You can make mistakes at home.”

The High School Student Jury of the International Human Rights & Documentary Festival One World Romania awarded the film "The Other Side of Everything" directed by Mila Turajlić.

After viewing the 10 films in the competition, this is how the five high school students, Dalesia, Ada, Petra, Mihai and Ioana, motivated their decision: “The subject-matter of the documentary made us think of the recent history of our own country and we considered it to be relevant in terms of what is taught in school. It was like a history lesson that will probably not be taught to us anytime in the nearby future. Furthermore, we found the protagonist inspiring, and the way he fought for what he believed in motivated us in trusting our own opinions and in standing up for them. The film depicts several co-existing layers: the torn society, the turbulent history and the house with a story of its own”.

The educational programmes of the One World Romania Association are supported by the CEZ Group in Romania.

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