One World Romania – 16th edition
31 March - 9 April 2023

The intimate is political at One World Romania 13

A defining section for the One World Romania festival is the one dedicated to the LGBTQi + community. Under the name of "Political bodies", it returns for the 13th edition, which will be held from March 20 to 29 in Bucharest, with four films and a special event.

The section will include Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman’s 1974 feature debut, I, you, he, she (Je, tu, il, elle) that is still so accurate and modern that we felt compelled to include it along with three other recent films. I, you, he, she is a sad ode to multiple past loves, composed of multiple micro-events: the main character (played by the filmmaker) sleeps, eats, undresses, watches herself, has sex with a truck driver and with a former girlfriend - and all are done in almost real time.

Two films in the section, Lemebel (directed by Joanna Reposi) and The Lives of Kojin (directed by Diako Yazdani) address gender identity rather in its public and political dimensions than from the perspective of private life. In South America, Pedro Lemebel's name is synonymous with LGBTQ+ rights activism. A writer and essayist with numerous awards and whose autobiographical work has constantly functioned as a trigger for debates and protests, he has refused to have his rights limited by Pinochet's regime and has become the ultimate proof that art can indeed be a strong weapon in the fight against totalitarianism.

Although Kojin's name is not as well-known, he is fighting a similar battle to Lemebel's: he lives his sexuality openly despite coming from a community that could execute him for it. From individual to group meetings, such as with the director's family, a priest, or a group of traditionalist men, Kojin patiently and humorously answers to often absurd questions, which are at once funny and disturbing. The main character becomes the guide of a brief tour of the world he lives in, a world that he tries really hard not to give up, although its rules are so unforgiving and inflexible.

Finally, the last film in the section, The Blue Flower of Novalis (La Rosa Azul de Novalis, directed by Gustavo Vinagre and Rodrigo Carneiro) refuses to set a border between the personal and the public, between the intimate and the political, combining all these registers with fantasy and the right dose of provocative spirit. The main character, Marcelo Diorio, concludes that all previous generations of women and men in his family were accustomed to conform to social norms and never explore their own wishes - especially when it comes to one’s sexuality. This reality, he says, created a karmic context that encourages him now to complete such explorations.

It is precisely with this repression of sexual fantasies in the name of decency and of frustrating social norms that hinder the expression of one's personality that we have decided to play during the festival. Thursday, on the 26th of March, at midnight, after the screening of the film The Blue Flower of Novalis, a spectacle-performance named Phantasm, coordinated by the theater director Iris Spiridon, will take place at Apollo 111, performance during which the participants will be able to express and perform their most hidden dreams without fear of being judged.

Actors, artists and all other people who want to express their sexuality through art and creativity may join this unique and exciting performance by sending at a one-minute video about their secret, kinky, sad, weird, dark, sexy, deep fantasies which will answer the question: "What is your darkest fantasy?". The deadline is the 1st of March.

We invite you to purchase the general festival tickets at a price of 200 RON from the Eventbook site. Their number is limited to 100, and the subscription gives you access to all the screenings of films within the edition and to the opening event of the festival - which will be quite special - as well as entries to all the screenings of the One World Romania Cineclub during the year, a DVD of your choice from our collection, the festival bag and many other cinephile joys and surprises.

Waiting for the 20th of February, when we will put on sale all the tickets and launch the official website of the edition, stay connected to the One World Romania channels - on Facebook and on our blog - Facebook and on the blog - to find out what we are preparing for the 13th edition of the festival!

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