One World Romania – 16th edition
31 March - 9 April 2023

One World Romania is moving online between May and September

The fact that we are postponing the 13th edition of the One World Romania Film Festival until the end of the summer does not mean that we resign ourselves to not meeting you again until then. From May to September we will organize a series of events and online screenings, hoping to keep in touch with as many of you as possible - at least virtually.

Firstly, we will resume the OWR Cineclub, and its new formula will consist of live conversations with lesser-known, but excellent filmmakers and the streaming of their most important films. The first online edition of the Cineclub will focus on the early work of French filmmaker Dominique Cabrera.

From today, May 1st, to Friday, May 15th, three of her films will be available on the Eventbook platform: „Chronicle of an ordinary suburb” („Chronique d'une banlieue ordinaire”, France, 1992), „A post office in La Courneuve” („Une poste à la Courneuve”, France, 1994) și „Tomorrow and once again tomorrow - Diary of 1995” („Demain et encore demain, journal 1995”, France, 1995).

Tickets cost 10 lei or 5 lei/reduced fare.

Those who have purchased subscriptions for OWR # 13 can watch all the films - whether those showcased for the Cineclub or those linked to future online projects which will take place during the summer - for free, using the barcode on the subscription ticket. Those who want to support the OWR team, and thus gain free access to all the events organized by the association, can become OWR Friends.

You must have or create an Eventbook account in order to be able to purchase the tickets. Each user will have 48 hours after purchasing the ticket or using the barcode on the subscription to watch the film.

The online discussion with the filmmaker will take place live on the One World Romania Facebook page, on Friday, May 8th, from 7.00 PM and will be moderated by Vanina Vignal and Andrei Rus. Those who wish to participate in the discussion with Dominique Cabrera are invited to send an email to until Thursday, May 7th, at 2 PM, containing the names of the people whom the reservation is made for and their respective email addresses.

The number of seats available is 50, and the discussion will be held in English.

A Gift for the Cinephiles

As we know that many of our spectators did not manage to reach all the Cineclub screenings despite wishing to do so, in the upcoming months we are offering you the opportunity to watch some of these films online. We feel compelled to inform you that many of them are inaccessible either on DVD or on any other type of VOD platform across the world.

From today, May 1st, and until Saturday, May 30th, three important films belonging to a thematic series dedicated to the transitional period that saw the Eastern bloc go from communism to capitalism will be available on the Eventbook platform: „Bulky waste” („Spermull”, regia Helke Misselwitz, Germany, 1991), „Goodbye, winter” („Winter ade”, regia Helke Misselwitz, East Germany, 1988) și „Time Imprisoned” („Verriegelte Zeit”, regia Sybille Schönemann, Germany, 1990).

While we eagerly wait for the time when we will be able to start touring the country once again, Kinedok launches online with the Serbian documentary „Srbenka”. Screened in the official competition of the 2019 edition of the OWR Film Festival, the film explores the ethnic tensions between Serbians and Croatians from a novel perspective: it documents the preparation of a theatre play which reconstitutes a murder commited during the 90s, in the heart of the conflicts. The film will be available online starting with the 10th of May, and on the 28th of May is scheduled a live talk with the filmmaker, Nebojša Slijepčević.

Later on, starting with June, we will also inaugurate another online event, the “OWR13 Waiting Room”, during which we will meet every two weeks with special guests of the 13th edition of the One World Romania Film Festival (Ross McElwee, Claire Simon, Radu Jude and many others). On this occasion, we will make available some of their most important films and we will try to give you a foretaste of the atmosphere of the next edition of the festival.

We hope you will join us in large numbers for these special online events and we seize this opportunity to remind you that One World Romania exists for you and thanks to you, our spectators.

The Cineclub is organized by the One World Romania Association in partnership with Goethe-Institut Bucharest and co-financed by Administrația Fondului Cultural Național.

The project does not necessarily reflect the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The ANCF is not responsible for the content of the project or for the ways in which the results of the projects could be used. Those are entirely the financial aid's beneficiary's responsibility.

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