One World Romania – Ediția a 14-a
21 - 30 mai 2021

OWR RETROcessions in July & August

At the One World Romania 2018 edition we have presented more documentaries than ever before, we are fully aware of the fact that many of you could not see all the films they would have wanted. This is one of the reasons why, until the next edition (March 15-24th 2019), we decided to organize a series of screenings so that you can make up for what you lost during the festival.

The second reason for the OWR RETROcessions series is our wish to actively participate in building a solid documentary culture in Romania. We wish to be around constantly and the OWR RETROcessions joins all our other programs that are going on all year-round. Keep in touch, we are about to announce other exciting projects!

The OWR RETROcessions series continue in July and August at ARCUB. The tickets are available through our partners at Eventim. The complete schedule is available below:

Tuesday, July 17th 08:00 p.m.
Atelier de conversation

directed by: Bernhard Braunstein
Austria, France, Lichtenstein, 2017
72 minutes
subtitles: Romanian & English

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What happens when people of various nationalities, from different social backgrounds, with diverse mother tongues, who, under normal circumstances, would hardly ever meet, find themselves face to face, seated on chairs, and expected to have a one-hour conversation with each other? Studenss, doctors, manual workers, entrepreneurs, some of them migrants, some others refugees, all of whom relocated in Paris from all over the world, meet every week in a small room at the Pompidou Centre for free French lessons. In chronicling these meetings, this profoundly humanist film invites us to reflect on what unites and what divides us, and on the sorrows that burden our souls after separating from what we used to call home.

Tuesday, July 31st 08:00 p.m.
Ask the Sexpert

directed by: Vaishali Sinha
USA, 2017
83 minutes
subtitles: Romanian & English

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Doctor Mahinder Watsa is a sex advice columnist for a large daily newspaper in Mumbai. A radical hero for some, a national threat for others, since the 1970s this nonagenarian gynecologist has seen it all, in an extremely conservative country experiencing rapid change—and throughout he has kept up his self-effacing humor and optimism. For those who still think of India as the land of Kama Sutra or consider sex education immoral, this funny, emotionally intelligent documentary that reveals a profound inside knowledge of the subcontinent is a must. In our country, the film may also shed a ray of light on the ongoing public debates on sex education in schools.

Tuesday, August 14th 08:00 p.m.
Mama Colonel

directed by: Dieudo Hamadi
The Democratic Republic of Congo, 2017
72 minutes
subtitles: Romanian & English

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Mama Colonel is a film about female authority confronted with the residual trauma of abuse and sexual violence. Dieudo Hamadi (National Diploma, One World România 2015) follows a woman colonel detached as the head of a police unit in Kisangani, a large city in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Soberly and delicately, this film touches on the horrors of a world devastated by past and current abuses, yet remains focused on the figure of Colonel Honorine, an inspiring woman with a strong sense of duty, who recognises that the lives of the victims she comes across every day depend on the efficiency of her strategy and decision-making. Sometimes, being both a “colonel” and a “mother” means that you may decide to bring together different groups of wounded people in hope that they may cure one another.

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