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21 - 30 mai 2021

KineDok Schedule June 2018

During the holidays we have more time for films. In June KineDok powered by One World Romania brings you 14 screenings of documentary films. We take our films and cross the country long and wide: from Iasi to Timisoara, from Alba-Iulia to Galati. Choose the closest KineDok location and come watch documentaries!

To keep up with the season, during summer KineDok moves outdoors. In shade and coolness, on blankets and pillows, in parks or even behind blocks, we invite you to watch and discuss together the documentaries of the month.

This time we will focus on recent histories and long gone ideologies. We will remember the interethnic conflict in 1990 in Târgu Mureş in the film "The Balkan Champion", we will visit the city once considered the golden gate of socialism in the "Hotel Sunrise" and we will go through an old pioneer railway in "Train to Adulthood". We will also find out how the European refugee crisis is reflected in an endangered village in Bulgaria in "The Good Postman" and what it means to be a medical establishment in the "triangle of death" of central Iraq in the shattering documentary "Nowhere to Hide ".

And because KineDok films never end with the credits, the screenings will be followed as usual by interesting discussions with specially selected guests for each theme: historians, political scientists, and other people who can share their knowledge and valuable experience to enrich ours. For a complete list of KineDok events and guests, watch the programs at each location as well as the program's website.

Schedule 04 – 30.06.2018:

Alba Iulia
15.06 20:00 – The Balkan Champion – Casa Forum-Asociaţia Forum Apulum

13.06 – Thank You for the Rain – Asociația CitiZenit – Cafeneaua Literară Joy’s

20.06 20:00 – The Good Postman – Parcul Feroviarilor

Curtea de Argeş
4.06 18:30 – Ultra - Centrul de Cultură și Arte „George Topârceanu”

7.06 18:00 – Hotel Sunrise – Muzeul de Artă Vizuală Galaţi
14.06 18:00 - Funne: Sea Dreaming Girls - Muzeul de Artă Vizuală Galaţi****

12.06 – The Balkan Champion – MERU

Miercurea Ciuc
4.06 20:00 – Train to Adulthood – Centrul Cultural Judeţean Harghita
18.06 20:00 – Nowhere to Hide - Centrul Cultural Judeţean Harghita
25.06 20:00 - The White World According to Daliborek - Centrul Cultural Judeţean Harghita

Odorheiu Secuiesc
12.06 17:00 – Train to Adulthood - Sala Audiovizuală a Bibliotecii Municipiului Odorheiu Secuiesc

16.06 20:30 – Train to Adulthood– Muzeul Cineastului Amator – Invitat: Georgian Popovici.

4 iunie 20:30 - Dead Nation – Aethernativ
18 iunie 20:30 – Nowhere to Hide – Aethernativ

National organizer: One World Romania Association
Online: |
Parteners: Institute of Documentary Film (Czech Rep.), Filmtopia (Slovacia), Budoku (Hungary), ReStart (Croatia), Bergen International Film Festival ( Norway), Activist 38 (Bulgaria)
With support of: Centrul Național al Cinematografiei

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