One World Romania – 16th edition
31 March - 9 April 2023

During the holidays we have more time for films. In June KineDok powered by One World Romania brings you 14 screenings of documentary films. We take our films and cross the country long and wide: from Iasi to Timisoara, from Alba-Iulia to Galati. Choose the closest KineDok location and come watch ... read more

Me: Mom, why have you never told me about our Holocaust? Mom: What Holocaust? Me: About how we killed our Jews and our Roma during Antonescu's time ... when we were on the fascists' side ... Mom: We were only formally fascists... we were opposing the Russians more... and we did not ... read more

In front of me people run - some crying, some laughing. Screams, mumbles and whistles. We are at KineDok's first screening in Timisoara, where we show the documentary 'Ultra' - a film about ordinary people practicing the marathon as a hobby. Something in the struggle of these people seems heroic ... read more