4-5 iulie 2020
Pitching session, match-making and acceleration phase
Pitching session, match-making and acceleration phase
aprilie-octombrie 2020
Research and development
Research and development
noiembrie 2020
Follow-up workshop
Follow-up workshop
decembrie 2020-februarie 2021
Development and production
Development and production
16 iunie 2021
Public pitching session and development award
Public pitching session and development award

The 4th edition of the international program includes five phases and it will be held between March 2020 and March 2021 according to the following agenda:

1.     pitching session, match-making and acceleration phase (July 2020)

2.     research and development (April-October 2020)

3.     follow-up workshop (November 2020)

4.     development and production (December 2020-February 2021)

5.     public pitching session and development award (March 2021).


We will select aprox. 15 NGOs and 20 filmmakers from the four aforementioned countries. They will be matched into mixed teams (filmmaker + NGO) that will research and develop film ideas for several months with mentorship from One World Romania. In March 2021 we will invite the best 5 teams to take part at the final Pitching Session. The 4000 euro prize for development will be awarded to one of the filmmakers, in order to support the production of the project that was developed with the help of the partner NGO.


Participants can register via an open call/ online form. The registration period for the 2020/2021 edition has closed on February 20th, 2020. The selection of participants was carried out by the organising teams from all four partner countries.


The first pitching session, match-making and acceleration phase will be held between June - July 2020, in Bucharest. During the three days of work, the participants will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of a convincing scripted pitch, adapted to the target audience (HOW TO PITCH SEMINAR). Afterwards, the civil society members will present ideas and topics for documentary films to local and foreign directors, producers, artists and experts. The filmmaker-activist teams thus formed will receive the first pieces of advice on how to approach the desired projects.


On June 16th 2021, CIVIL SOCIETY PITCH powered by ONE WORLD ROMANIA closes its 4th edition, which started in June-July 2020, with a public pitch dedicated to the teams which went through all the stages of the project begun last year, documented a subject related to human rights, and created a trailer which is representative for the documentary in progress.


Activists and NGOs are constantly in the search of new and creative methods to raise the level of awareness in regards to social issues among the general public and the decision makers in the administrative field, and filmmakers have a hard time reaching subjects of social impact. One World Romania stepped forward to meet these needs and brought together, for the first time in Romania, professionals from both fields, in order to facilitate the development of creative documentary film projects on local realities.  


Representatives from 8 NGOs, and 15 directors and visual artists from 4 partner countries - Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and the Republic of Moldova -, have participated in the first stage of Civil Society Pitch 4, at the first pitch in July 2020.


We live in the same region, we face the same dilemmas, we write and we talk about the same challenges, yet we often forget to communicate directly. Civil Society Pitch brings filmmakers (documentary directors or producers) and activists/organizations which fight for defending human rights face to face.  Some call it facilitation, others call it courtship. Irrespective of the name, it’s only one thing that we are interested in: we encourage the release of new documentary films in the region. Civil Society Pitch offers the perfect framework in this regard: foreign tutors with vast experience in the field, a two-day dense program, mentorship for development for ten months, a follow-up workshop and personalized feedback, and a 4000 euros prize for the best project.

In the public pitching session on June 16th 2021 will participate 5 teams (director+NGO), which will present their project in front of an international jury and the interested audience:

Kristina Jacot & Oberliht Young Artists Association: LETTERS FROM THE PERIPHERY

Andreea Udrea & Identity Education: DEEA X

Ana Preda, Andrada Popan Dorca & Climb Again: BEHIND THE EYES

Paul Chirilă & Climb Again: SECOND NATURE

Petya Ivanova & Karin Dom: TETRIS


The jury gathered in 2021 will decide the winning project and the One World Romania Association will offer, with the support of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN), the 4000 euros development prize.


We document real stories and we support creative works inspired by reality.

The project which took place between 2020-2021 benefited from AFCN co-financing.

The project doesn’t necessarily represent the Administration of the National Cultural Fund’s position. AFCN bears no responsibility for the content of the project or for the ways in which the results of the project can be used. These are entirely the beneficiary of the funds’ responsibility. 


Coordinated by Tudorița Șoldănescu