One World Romania – 16th edition
31 March - 9 April 2023

OWR 2022

Site Festival

OWR 2022 - in short

OWR#15, organized between 13 and 22 May 2022, has selected and presented 73 films in 15 sections, as well as 26 dedicated events. In collaboration with DocuDays UA, we highlighted the debate regarding the responsibility of cinema in the face of the Russian invasion. A part of the selection has been streamed online between May 23 and May 31.
In 2022, we brought to the festival a number of 75 distinguished guests from the world of national and international cinema.
The documentary that won the Teenage Jury Award was „Krai" by Aleksey Lapin and the prize of the International Jury was awarded to the documentary „Soy libre", by Laure Portier, (2021), offered with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute.

This year's edition also brought civil society closer: more than 20 NGOs Adopted films and supported Q&A. More than 30 NGOs participated in dedicated events and together with the Rule of Law Programme South East Europe of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, we organized a meeting regarding developing stronger links in civil society. This encourages us to continue this type of collaboration next year, to keep the associative environment close to the festival and to build together further in the spirit of human rights!
We also supported two international campaigns, Climate Connect from DG ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations) and Conscious Planet, ISHA Foundation.

We had over 60 supporters and cultural partners, over 25 media partners, over 50 volunteers and an enthusiastic team that worked every day of the festival from the OWR 15 hub, established this year at ARCUB - Cultural Center of Bucharest.

Thank you to everyone, starting with the public, guests, civil society and volunteers, to partners, supporters and the media, without whom OWR # 15 could not have taken place!

Catalogue 2018 - Get Real!

The 11th edition is, for us, a moment of renewal and growth. In 2018 we come forward to our audience with a new team and a new approach. It’s a new beginning. Reset. The festival is significantly extended – from 7 to 10 days, from 50 to over 80 films; the program is presented in 8 locations; the accompanying events have – in this new formula – a special prominence; the festival is announced and prepared by three weeks of warm-up events...

Catalogue 2017 - We'll Get Over Our Fear

At the end of winter, One World Romania arrives at its 10th edition. It's been nine years since the festival has been throwing open the windows of the world, nine years for which we are grateful to our viewers, guests and collaborators. And yet, we've never been more afraid than over the past year...

Catalogue 2016 - Films without Sweeteners

Borders are last year's nightmare. The collective fantasy is poisoned with images of a European frontiers collapsing, of hundreds of thousands of refugees passing through barbed-wire fences, alongside a mounting fear of an economical crises that, pretty much like terrorism, acknowledges no borders. The core of our 2016 program, through its three main sections, is closely linked to all the above-mentioned anguishes...

Catalogue 2015 - kino-maidan

In 2015, for the 8th edition of One World Romania, we decided that we would gather on the "kino-maidan". That's because the word maidan has changed meaning: it no longer describes a mere feature of urban geography, but, rather, a public space where people gather to discuss their problems and to be together. We want One World Romania to become a meeting place where people come to see great documentary cinema, and where ideas are freed from the strictures of the status quo. On our maidan, we are guided by our empathy for our fellow human beings and the freedom to be ourselves. Our program of films and side events opens our eyes towards maidans on 5 continents...

Catalogue 2014 - Kino-Kombat

Rome burns and we’re making a festival. Since our last edition, the streets have been filled with people who’ve found a cause worth fighting for. For the first time since 1989, there blew a wind of solidarity. We looked in the calendar and noticed 25 years have passed. 25 years should have been enough. We’ve gathered films that look back on this quarter of a century and to what had happened before in Eastern Europe. A man of Solidarity, Marcel Lozinski comes from Poland with his films, produced between 1973 and 2013. With an eye just as critical and free in the dictatorship years as in the years of transition, Lozinski challenges us to go over what we’ve been through and where we’re headed...

Catalogue 2013 - For a Better Karma

« I hate Romania: this is where everything bad happens », so told me a kid. And he added: « I saw that on TV ». Since the last edition of One World Romania, the quantity of hate and intolerance per square meter has exponentially grown. Our karma is broken... Abused - just like the kid – by this state of mind, we decided that the 6th edition of our festival will go against the tide (yet again). The program, put together with Adina Bradeanu, tries to be an antidote to hate and anger...

Catalogue 2012 - Sharpen Your View

We have been witnessing an exceptional year. The world started to erupt - in different ways - and even in Romania things seem to be cracking. Young generations challenge the establishment in the West, as well as in the East. One World Romania has chosen to reflect on these changes, bringing the world a bit closer to the Romanian audience. We have built the program of our 5th edition around some of the hottest topics in the air, bearing in mind that a good doc can sharpen our view and is able to cut through established perceptions. Razor-like films may hurt but they also leave a trace. Humor is not excluded; it is more than welcome in our selection...

Catalogue 2011 - What a Wonderful World?!

This world is wonderful. It would look even better if some documentaries would not open our eyes.
We solemnly recognize: we are the ones who spoil the picture of the human race. While Romania’s image in the world is fiercely guarded by many of our citizens, some weaker countries have been left defenseless. Thus, we have been plotting with filmmakers from around the globe: be it Brits or Egyptians, Mexicans or Estonians, Italians or Americans, they are all irresponsibly driven to speak about sufferings, injustice, corruption or family dismay...

Catalogue 2010 - Choose to Care!

Already a tradition, our festival is under the patronage of the former Czech Republic President, Václav Havel. Alike the previous editions, the festival has the same purpose: to present many relevant current themes through quality documentaries, aiming a young audience. Moreover, we aim for creating an active community eager to know and get involved into problems that others are facing, under the motto: CHOOSE TO CARE!
One World Romania 2010 brings around 35 new and awarded documentaries, in 4 cinemas. Each edition of the festival is divided into categories focusing on different themes, this year them being: They Asked for Justice, Vicious Circles, Memory Training, School of Life, Your Honor (?!).

One World Romania - The International Human Rights and Documentary Film Festival is organised each year by the One World Romania Association