One World Romania – 16th edition
31 March - 9 April 2023

Since 2008 the One World Romania Association has grown each and every year. Since the beginning we have wanted to bring as many events as possible for the Romanian audience and to develop this documentary film culture, on one hand, and also grow the awareness level on issues regarding human rights.

In order to develop and financially sustain all these projects we need you - the members of a small community we believe have built in the One World spirit in these past 11 years. If you want to continue enjoying all the events and projects of the One World Romania Association and thus confirm to us that what we do matters, become part of the „Friends of OWR” community”!


The „Film Lover”

for 40 euro, it includes:
➢ 1 festival pass for the One World Romania Festival
➢ 1 OWR goodie bag
➢ 1 free entrance to each screening included in the “OWR RETROcessions” programme
➢ 1 DVD of your choice from the OWR collection
➢ subscription to the OWR newsletter

The „Supporter”

for 100 euro, it includes:
➢ 1 „Guest” badge for the One World Romania Festival, ensuring access to all the events organized during the festival and meetings with our guests
➢ your name in the OWR catalogue, under the “Thank you” section (*)
➢ 1 OWR goodie bag
➢ 1 free entrance to each screening included in the “OWR RETROcessions” programme
➢ 1 DVD of your choice from the OWR collection
➢ the new DVD that will be launched in the Sahia Vintage Collection, in the fall of 2018
➢ subscription to the OWR newsletter
➢ other presents and surprises you will find out about more soon!

The benefits of the two packs are valid 1 year from the date of the donation.

(*)your name will be included in the catalogue if you get the “Supporter” pack until February 1st 2020, the date when all the promo materials will be sent to production.

By using the PayPal donation form, you express your approval for the One World Romania Association to use your e-mail and correspondence address to notice you about the OWR events, to send you the passes, film tickets and DVDs included in each pack.

In order to broaden the audience and to make movies and important debates available in various ways, we have created, after a few One World Romania festival editions, several programs emerged: Kinedok - the alternative distribution program, Civil Society Pitch - the documentary film development workshop, the educational programme or Sahia Vintage - the program aiming for the rediscovery of archive documentaries. We will not stop here and we plan on launching new projects soon.

Starting with January 2019 we meet twice a month for the One World Romania Cineclub, which brings to the audience in Bucharest the most important documentaries in film history. We will discuss with different filmmakers, critics, historians after each screening, about what the films brought up and what impact they have on us in the current context.

Moreover, we will organize throughout the entire year different workshops for industry professionals, NGOs, students or general audience. Through these workshops we offer the chance to meet personalities from all over the world and try to discover along their side new ways in which to tell stories or new visions on contemporary issues.

Another developing project for the One World Romania is an editorial one. We aim to publish twice a year „The One World Romania Journals” - a publication on documentary films, where we will invite film critics, filmmakers and other specialists to submit essays on relevant topics in order to develop the documentary culture in Romania. Also, we want that for at least once a year, to be part of translating and publishing an essential book on documentaries.

Last but not least, starting with the second half of 2019, we plan to travel to several cities from Romania with replicas of the Bucharest festival, wishing to promote human rights' related speech in as many communities as possible, outside of the capital.

You can also donate directly in our bank account

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Open at BCR Lipscani – Strada Doamnei, nr. 14-16, Sector 3, București.

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