One World Romania – 16th edition
31 March - 9 April 2023

VINTAGE SAHIA is the archival strand of One World Romania, part of a long-term digitisation and outreach project designed to make heritage audio-visual material accessible to contemporary scholars and audiences. Since 2013, the festival has included each year one curated programme of non-fiction produced at the “Alexandru Sahia” Studio (communist Romania’s only documentary film studio).

From 2014, we produced the VINTAGE SAHIA DVD series, which consists of five broadly-themed DVDs ranging from work, to childhood, to the political commissioning of documentaries, and including a special issue dedicated to the so-called “ephemeral cinema” produced by the studio – films commissioned by various state institutions such as ministries, plants and factories.

In 2016, we started taking some of these films into the high schools and neighbourhoods of Bucharest, where we screened them with introductory presentations and follow-up conversations.

Having been produced on film stock, and later transferred and circulated on VHS tapes and DVDs, these films are about to enter a new stage in their lifetime. By the end of 2019, the VINTAGE SAHIA project will be relocated to an online platform, which will make some of these films more widely accessible and will serve as the central hub for future digitisation and outreach programmes.

The VINTAGE SAHIA strand is curated by Adina Brădeanu.

The DVDs can be purchased from selected bookstores or online through Eventbook.

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