One World Romania – 16th edition
31 March - 9 April 2023

One World Romania at School is the educational project of One World Romania Association, in partnership with the Romanian American Foundation and supported by CEZ Group, initiating events for high school teachers and students, proposing a new educational approach with the help of documentary film.

The Film Clubs are an extracurricular activity organized by students for pupils. High school students have a videotape of documentary films, accompanied by additional information and activities adapted to each film. Periodically, One World Romania at School organizes meetings and workshops for the film clubs coordinators, where they discover the essential steps in organizing and promoting an event.

The Teacher Workshops present the ways in which you can integrate films into the class lessons, according to the school curriculum, starting from documentary films about recent history, social or cultural issues related to human rights. This environment stimulates an active involvement from the students' part, by giving them a dynamic view of the reality surrounding them.
The workshops are supported by education specialists, together with guests specialized in the subject of the film, coming from the civil society or the academia.

In addition to these projects, One World Romania at School organizes other projects throughout the year: luna.doc (a month of documentary film screenings in high schools, which encourage students to learn about recent events, but also current ones) , or the High School Jury and and High School Matinees - during the One World Romania Festival.

In the long run, the program aims to create a community and a strong civil society and to contribute to the promotion of cinema culture among young audiences.
The documentary films in the program draw attention to current issues in local and global reality, and debates and accompanying activities stimulate thinking and free expression on these topics.

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